• The Food Bank of Corpus Christi collects perishables and non perishable foods from several local retail stores. In 2015 over 5 million pounds of perishable products were collected from these invaluable partners.
  • The Rural Delivery Program serves our community via our refrigerated truck, which transports food to 55 distribution sites in 11 counties every week.
  • An innovative outreach program in partnership with the Health and Human Service Commission of Texas (HHSC) and the Texas Food Bank Network provides application assistance to qualified individuals for all HHSC programs including: Food Stamps, Adult and Children’s Medicaid, Children’s Health Care Program (CHIPS), Women’s Healthcare Program, and Long–Term Care for seniors.
  • The Food Bank operates a distribution pantry located in the Nutrition Education building, offering a "shopping model" where participants can select food of their liking as opposed to receiving a bag of pre–selected items. This offers our clients a more dignified approach to food distribution.
  • The Food Bank serves approximately 122,100 different individuals a year.
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