The Kids’ Café is an after-school program that provides a safe environment where children who do not have adult supervision after school can come and receive a hot meal or snack, in addition to homework assistance. Educational, physical, and social activities are also included as part of he program. The Kids’ Café strives to offer benefits that will hopefully remain with these children their whole lives. The goal of the Kids’ Café is to help “at risk” children lead active and healthy lifestyles and at the same time provide food and the educational support that often times is lacking at home. In fact, in 2014 the Food Bank of Corpus Christi’s Kid’s Café program distributed 9,275 meals. We expect that number to grow in 2015.


  • Alleviate childhood hunger by providing nutritionally adequate hot meals or snacks
  • Educate children and their families about nutrition and healthy eating habits to help them make better food
  • Provide a safe and encouraging learning environment for children who do not have after school adult supervision
  • Provide children with educational, social and recreational interaction
  • Provide volunteers with a rewarding experience
  • Empower the community in response to problem of childhood hunger


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