The President’s Award recognizes an individual, business, organization, agency or food provider that has played a pivotal role in helping advance the mission of the Food Bank.

2015 President’s Award



2013 President’s Award

Phil Smith

Phil SmithOriginally from Kansas City, Kansas, Phil Smith began his grocery career in 1978. Twenty years later he joined the H-E-B family. Phil is blessed to serve with a company that focuses on the preservation of its community. Service to others is part of the spirit and culture of H-E-B. Phil holds to the same philosophy. He is faithfully involved and supportive of the people who create his business and community “Texans Serving Texans” This is the dream of Charles Butt. Phil applauds H-E-B for fulfilling this dream; he is proud to be a part of this team. Early in his career Phil realized the power of people. Generally, people have two human traits that are often ignored. People have a natural instinct to want to make a difference, and they also have raw potential that usually goes undeveloped. One of Phil’s goals is to help his employees develop these traits. Phil equipped himself by reading many books. Phil sought out authors like Anthony Robbins, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and others who provided Phil a clear picture of how to help his employees. Phil does not consider himself special, but stays focused on the lessons he has learned from others who are. Phil lives by these mantras:

•  The people around you are way more important than YOU
•  Be bold
•  Set HUGE goals
•  Have a sense of mission and purpose, and
•  Use your talents to instigate massive change

Six years ago, Phil focused his attention on the importance and absolute need of the work being done by the Food Bank of Corpus Christi and local pantries in Portland. Alongside Local H-E-B store leaders in San Patricio County, Phil created carnivals and other events to raise money.  Seeing the community come together as a whole was inspiring to him. Although these events did not render extraordinary results in donations, they did spark a flame. Several years ago, Phil, along with several colleagues and some amazing H-E-B store teams in the surrounding counties, set their sights on growing the Share Your Christmas Tear Pad Campaign. Year after year, the efforts and dedication of store employees and the community have continued to grow this campaign resulting in greater donations. Even though the 2012 Campaign was exceptional,  Phil believes H-E-B and the community are now positioned to REALLY make a difference in years to come.

Phil is humbled by the brilliance and compassion of other champions of this cause such as the Food Bank Staff Eddie Garcia and Charles Butt. Without the flame in these people, links between H-E-B partners and their customers would have never been born. Phil Smith believes his involvement with the Food Bank is his calling; he feels a sense of responsibility to continually improve his impact and to continually engage others to do the same. He invites all members of the community to rise, take action and be a leader of change in the mission of hunger relief. We thank Phil’s lovely wife, Neko Smith, for providing us this information about a man worthy of our honor and recognition.



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