Food Bank of Corpus Christi LogoThe Food Bank of Corpus Christi distributes food in bulk to incorporated 501C3 nonprofit organizations or churches that have a purpose or mission statement related to the care and feeding of the ill, needy, or minor children. The Food Bank has Food Pantries in or serving every zip code in Corpus Christi and has representation in most of the 11 rural counties that we serve.

The clients may call the Food Bank, give their zip code and we will refer them to the agency that is most convenient to their home. Clients must fall under the maximum income guidelines as designated by the USDA. The guidelines for income are based on family size, it is the responsibility of the pantries to determine if a client meets that criteria. The client must provide proof of residence in the area in which they live. Generally these pantries are emergency pantries which serve the clients at least 4 times per year.

The Food Bank does not distribute food directly to individuals.

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